Welcome to SimplyConvert Circles

Stay Informed, Connect, and Succeed with SimplyConvert

Join our online community of leading trial attorneys, legal professionals, and SimplyConvert users from across the country to stay up to date on the latest developments in mass torts, network with fellow attorneys, and learn how to better leverage SimplyConvert to improve your practice.

Why SimplyConvert Circles? 

Between all the local and national legal conferences, networking events, and work trips, we want to provide a space for continuing education, regular opportunities for our network to meet and connect with other attorneys, and a forum to provide feedback to advance our platforms even further. With SimplyConvert Circles – available as both an app and a website for your convenience – we are bringing SimplyConvert users together to connect, share best practices, and discuss the latest in the plaintiffs' bar.

Our network of SimplyConvert users is already engaged and ready to make this community a success. And with our tech-forward approach, we will be able to adapt this space in real-time as we grow, new litigations emerge, and the needs of our users change.

Access to SimplyConvert Circles is approved on a firm-by-firm basis. By ensuring the privacy and security of this community and its sub-groups, we are providing a space for real educational opportunities and impactful discussions between the best trial attorneys in the country.

The Benefits

  • Litigation Circles: Users can join specific sub-communities geared towards high profile, national mass torts. Within these circles, users can connect with members of our team and other attorneys fighting for justice to discuss litigation strategies, how SimplyConvert can be used to better inform and support those strategies, and anything else of interest.
  • Community of Leading Attorneys and Legal Professionals: Through our community, you’ll have access to other attorneys and law firm staff members who use our platform, where we encourage you to connect, network, share best practices, and discuss the latest issues facing the plaintiffs’ bar. By building meaningful connections within this group, you’ll grow your network and referral opportunities.
  • Educational Opportunities: Learn from our regular webinars and other educational materials only available to SimplyConvert Connect members.
  • SimplyConvert User Training: Attend interactive, live video training courses led by experienced users to learn advanced techniques and tips for maximizing the platform's potential. Our engineers will also provide walkthroughs of new features.
  • Support and Troubleshooting: Is a specific feature causing confusion or not working as expected? Our members are here to offer their assistance and expertise. Simply post your question or issue, and we'll work together to find a solution in real-time. Our engineers will help you find ways to personalize our solution to fit the needs of you and your practice. 
  • Active social feed: With a live feed where users can post updates, ask questions, and respond to other members, you can stay up to date on the latest developments in mass torts and the plaintiffs’ bar as a whole. You can also exchange tips and insights with fellow SimplyConvert users to optimize your workflow.